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I offer a boutique consulting service where you can pick and choose services customized to fit your needs.


Business Operations,
Project Management, Special Events

I understand the financial liability it takes to run a business in today's market. You may need some additional assistance, but cannot justify the cost of a full or even part-time employee. Virtually Social Management can provide you with those services on an as needed basis. This allows you to reduce your overhead for an employee, while making you feel like you have a staff to support your needs.


Launching a New Business?



Got a bright idea?  Want to launch a new business, but don't know where to start?  Starting a new business can be a daunting task.  So many details can be overwhelming.  Let me help!  I have had the great privilege of assisting several clients taking that bright idea from a paper napkin scratch to a successful business.  From the smallest of details of logo, mission statement to budgets, reports, workflows and marketing campaigns; I will work hand in hand with you to launch your great idea.


Website Management




Think of your website as your company's "home base."   All virtual paths of marketing need to lead back to your website that reflects your brand & services you provide.  Most companies do not realize the importance of continually updating & managing your website with the most recent news on your business.  



Email Campaigns

The greatest marketing campaigns are those that are memorable. They are the ones that resonate with your audience and really create a bond between your customer, the messaging, and your product or service. Creating a lasting impression is what you are striving for. Allow me to strategically create your campaigns to make the most of your interaction with customers. 


Marketing Strategy

It's important to us that we really get to know you as a client. I need to understand your business, your customer base, as well as your short & long term goals for growing your company.  This allows us to create a custom virtual marketing plan that best fits your needs.



Branding is the art of establishing and maintaining a solid impression of your ‘self’ and your business in other people’s minds. It tells your customer what they can expect from your service or product and differentiates you from your competitors.  Allow Virtually Social Management to assist you in creating a consistent branding strategy to bring added value to your company.


Database Management

Don't be overwhelmed by your Database. Database management has become even more crucial in today's business environment. Competition is fierce in any line of work, so an active & current database is key to stay in touch with your customers.  

Social Media Marketing

Social media is no longer optional in business today but rather an expectation. Consumers use social media to do research, judge quality & tell others about their experience with your business.  At Virtually Social Management, I look at social media as a tool to be dynamic, engaged & interactive within your marketplace. 



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